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June 30, 2009


Stephen R Ward

You make this all sound so matter-of-fact (like your brother and his Parkinson's...), and yet it must be so hard (i) physically (for all the obvious reasons); and (ii) emotionally (being away from home and family; why you're doing it, etc.). I think it's nothing short of heroic; and, ultimately, quite inspiring, quite moving (if you'll excuse the pun, and me now being "pretty rubbish" ;-).

I hope, although alone, you don't feel lonely. There must be one heckuva lot of people out there thinking of you....

I am sure you will reap the good luck that you deserve; but I will wish it you anyway: Good Luck!

James Bowden

Nick, I bumped into the Otesha group in tenby this morning, had a good ol chat, great people and by chance they we're using the same trailers we are planning on using for our big trip in september. Good to get some feedback!

Keep it up nick, your doing a grand job. Still planning on meeting up with you for a ride...just got to catch you up!


Simon Quance

Pleased you like the Lleyn Nick. Very special part of the world that for some strange reason people just don't seem to go to... long may it remain that way. Say hello to Southport for me... gets flatter on the west Lancs plain.

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